How It Works

So how does this work I hear you sayin


You get people what you know to give you money to Talk Like A Pirate for a day. Then you give that money to charity. Pretty simple really.

If ye register wit HFT ye can get fundraisin packs from em  and download their TLAPD resources.

If ye be gettin’ aboard the ship, don’t forget that registerin wit HFT will get ye event on t Big Map O Events when they tells us. If ye not doin it fer HFT (shame on ye but still) ye can notify us o yer event and well put ye X on t map anyways.

Ye can call HFT Head Office on 0117 906 1767 or email

‘ere be some ideas to get you thinkin’ like a pirate!

  • Get yer teachers or boss to Walk the Plank!
  • Organise a city-wide treasure hunt
  • Dress and talk like a pirate all day
  • Hold a rum tasting event
  • Take a look at the HFT Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Be notin

  • Charity is not a fancy word fer keepin it fer yerself.
  • The Captain will find out about scurvy dogs what does this and will have no qualms about breakin with t code and involving His Majesties Navy to enforce the regulations. Be warned there is a line what even a pirate should not cross!


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