Events Map

An Event can be anything from one o you salty dogs Talkin Pirate fer the Day to a great big shindig where everyone dresses an Talks all Piratey.

Either way let us know an well plot ye on the Big Map O Events below!

Ye can either register wit us and just go on t Map or register wit us and HFT wholl give you free fundraising pack and activities what ye can do on the day.

Ye can also buy Piratey themed mystery game kits from Red Herring Games wholl give 10% o the money from each sale to HFT. Great ones be The Mystery Of Parrot Island fer kids or The Jolly Rogered fer adults. They also does a large group one called A Rum Murder what can be used fer up to 120 guests!!!

So what is ye waitin fer mates? Get to it!!

Below be shown the events we as been told about.

Register Now Mate

Register yer event with HFT by clickin here

Well be displayin a list o the events what is open t the public nearer the date.

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