Official Crew Captain Jack


Greetings mates, Im Captain Jack, pirate. Im workin alongside Capn Fat Jack and Mister Flintlock Fynn as the public face of Talk Like A Pirate Day in the north of England. I would like to take this opportunity of introducing myself and my business.

For three years I ave been studying Pirates, their way of life and their social impact, in doing so I as developed classroom activities that can fit in alongside Primary school curriculum in respect to Explorers and Pirates.

I as two very different workshops for key stage 1 and key stage 2 children.

The workshops allow t children to explore, ask questions about, and even break some urban myths about Pirates.

See my website for testimonials from teachers and headmasters.

Or ye can download some o me stuff ere mates!

Leaflet | Flyer

I also be available fer meet and greets, parties etc.

If ye would like more information t speak about Talk Like A Pirate Day or even chat about the workshops and parties then please feel free to contact me using the details below, savvy? or use the contact details on me website mates!



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