Mister Flintlock Fynn Quartermaster

Mister 'Flintlock' Fynn, Quartermaster

Mister Flintlock Fynn, Quartermaster of the Sallys Revenge and Captain Fat Jacks right hand man


Early life

Pressganged into His Majestys Navy at an early age in the port of Plymouth, England, Solomon Hawke served on various ships during The War of Spanish Succession eventually taking the Fleet Board to become a Lieutenant. He was serving in HMS Rapier out of Port Royal, Jamaica.

In to pyracy

During a spot of shore leave an opportune meeting with Captain Fat Jack in a tavern occurred. The Capn plied Solomon with copious amounts of rum and convinced him that the rewards were greater in the private sector. And so a deal was done that night, articles were signed and plans were made to gain a ship and line its hold with plunder. It just so happened that Solomon knew where to find such a shipHMS Rapier.

But thats another story. Lieutenant Solomon Hawke of His Majestys Navy was no morearming himself with several black powder weapons the legend of Mister Flintlock Fynn had begun!

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